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About Jamie

I am thoroughly interested in people and a hopeless romantic at heart. I always ensure that I take the time to dedicate to hearing their stories and see my listening skills as my most valuable.


I have had a long and satisfying career in technology consulting, marketing and business development. And always had a close consultative approach to my work.

In younger days I was involved in, the music industry and the arts, event management, and volunteered for community services such as community radio and environmental causes. 

I have since moved from Sydney to coastal paradise, Port Stephens and service The Hunter Valley and Newcastle ……


I made the move to change careers and to raise my two boys out of the city, whilst furthering my studies into weddings, funerals, music publishing and mindfulness meditation. 


Relationship Support

Relationship Counseling Services and options are a key advisory point, that I intend to provide all couples.

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